Roomba 880 vs 980: Full review and comparison

This article, Roomba 880 vs 980 is a comprehensive comparison review on the two professional Roomba models. Here you’ll see the actual difference between these two models and which one offers a great value for your income.

If you’re the type that works for hours in an office, cleaning up the house when you come back from work can be very stressful. In this case you need a robotic vacuum cleaner that could handle any home cleaning task without flaws.

IRobot’s Roomba vacuums are classical vacuums with cutting-edge technologies. The company has unveiled two professional home cleaners in form of robotic vacuums; they are the Roomba 880 and 980.

Roomba 880 Review

This model of robotic vacuum from iRobot is packed with a lot of great technologies that ensures your floors, walls, and even the stairs are always clean. Roomba 880 is among the best vacuums in Roomba 800 series; it comes with optical and acoustical sensors coupled with high-efficiency HEPA filters. 

The Roomba 880 works on all floor types and lasts up to 60 mins after a full charge. This is the first Roomba vacuum to feature a bristle-less brush roll system A.k.A Tangle-Free AeroForce Extractors. With lots of other good features and technologies packed by this Roomba vacuum, it’ll offer a great value for your budget.

Quick features of the Roomba 880 vacuum robot

  • AeroForce patented 3-Stage cleaning system with tangle-free multi-surface brushes
  • Auto recharge function
  • Multi-room navigation support with advanced iAdapt technology
  • Can be scheduled to work 7x per week

Roomba 980 Review

This is the most recent robotic vacuum model from the industry-leading manufacturer – iRobot.  The Roomba 980 is equipped with sophisticated technologies and A.I to ensure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your home cleaning. It comes with recharge and resume function; this means the robot will auto-recharge itself and resume cleaning from it stopped previously.

With up to 10x more suction power than other Roomba vacuums and remote/wireless control support, this model is the very best robotic vacuum you can have in your house.

Quick features of the Roomba 980 vacuum robot


  • Voice-activated control
  • Advanced dirt detect technology
  • Best pet hair vacuum
  • Powerful suction
  • More advanced features than other Roomba vacuums

Roomba 880 vs 980 – Features comparison

Here, we will compare the features of these two Roomba models so you can easily choose which one is best for your home and budget.

Design and Build

Roomba 880

This model maintained the traditional Roomba body design; it flaunts an oval-shaped body and the same button arrangement with the former models. Roomba 880 comes with an all-black body finish well-polished to a shiny point.

The center clean button does the same function seen in the previous Roomba models; it triggers an auto-cleaning cycle.

Roomba 980

It still features the same oval-shaped body structure like the others but comes with a different, unique design. This model has fewer buttons that the previous models because it can be controlled hands-free using the iRobot Home Mobile App or a Remote control.

Roomba 980 comes with a dark gray and black color finish; it looks more matured and flashy than other iRobot’s vacuum.


Roomba 980 looks more classy and unique than the Roomba 880.

Filters and Accessories

Roomba 880

HEPA filtration support is included in this model which lets it pick up allergens and pet hairs effectively. It also comes with tangle-free debris extractors and high-efficiency set of brushes which mean this robot can sweep through any surface.

Roomba 980

Packaged with more advanced filters and brushes, Roomba 980 is a super monster robotic vacuum. This robot vacuum includes tangle-free dual Multi-surface brushes and edge-sweeping brush to do justice to the dirt on your wall edges.


Roomba 980 has more advanced filters and packs more accessories than Roomba 880.

Cleaning Capabilities

Roomba 880

The Roomba 880 is an expert cleaner; it is capable of cleaning a whole home efficiently. The iAdapt navigation technology lets the robot navigate seamlessly throughout the house without bumping into obstacles. It is also equipped with a cliff detector sensor which prevents the unit from falling off the stairs and other high profile floors around the house.

Roomba 880 can easily navigate under beds, chairs, and other furniture’s alike. Also, this gadget cleans your wall edges with the help of its spinning side brush.

Roomba 980

Equipped with an advanced dirt detector sensor, Roomba 980 will concentrate more on floor areas with much dirt and clean it up efficiently. Also with the HEPA high efficiency filters, 10x powerful suction, and the inclusion of AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system, this vacuum robot will go around the house picking up even the tiniest particles on the floor. Not to forget, Roomba 980 is a very effective pet hair treatment vacuum.


The 960 model is obviously the best vacuum cleaner among the duo in terms of their cleaning capacity.

Wireless connectivity support

Roomba 880

Owners of the robotic vacuum model will have to manually send commands to it, because it does not support any remote control access. Roomba 880 can be scheduled to work up to 7 times per week using the dedicated button on the robots body.

Roomba 980

Unlike the Roomba 880, this model can be controlled via the iRobot Home Mobile app installed on your smartphone. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls as a way of controlling the robot to work.


Here again, the Roomba 980 wins against Roomba 880. While the 980 models have support for a lot of recent technology features, the 880 model missed out.

Battery and Docking

Roomba 880

After a full charge, Roomba 880 will last up to 60 minutes before the power will run off. Unfortunately, this model lacks the auto-dock and resume feature. Which means it cannot automatically recharge itself and resume cleaning from the previous point.

Roomba 980

This vacuum model lasts up to 120 minute after a full charge; this is twice the duration of it counterpart in this article. Also, Roomba 980 auto-docks and resumes after a complete charge so, the owners do not need to carry the robot around.


Roomba 980 is indeed a far superior to the Roomba 880 model

Roomba 880 vs 980 – the similarities

  • Both come with high-efficiency HEPA Filters
  • Roomba 880 and Roomba 980 have the same oval-shaped body structure
  • Both works on all kinds of floor and can handle pet hairs (although the 980 model does this better)

Roomba 880 vs 980 – Specifications compared

Feature Roomba 880 Roomba 980
Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System Yes Yes
Tangle-free dual multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush Yes Yes
Suction power 5x 10x
Recharge and resume No Yes
iAdapt Navigation with AeroForce Yes Yes
Remote access via mobile app and voice assistants No Yes
Scheduling Yes

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Final words and conclusion on Roomba 880 vs 980

Of no doubt, the Roomba 980 is superior and offers a more effective cleaning result than the Roomba 880. Well, this is just as suppose because Roomba 980 is the latest model from the iRobot company, so, they must have considered all the faults and flaws on the earlier models of their products and got them fixed in the 980 model.

While the 880 model seems to looks inferior when compared with the 980 model, it is still one of the best robotic vacuums in the market; it is cheaper and cleans expertly. Roomba 880 robotic vacuum should be the best option for the homeowner with an average budget while the Roomba 980 is for homeowners who which to spend more to get the very best.

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