Roomba 860 vs 880: Buyers should read this before buying

Maybe you’ve been searching for good robotic vacuums and found out that the Roomba brand is best for you. So now you’re trying to figure out the best Roomba robotic vacuum you should buy. In this article, I compared the two most sort-after Roomba 800 series robotic vacuums by doing a Roomba 860 vs 880. Read through and make your choice.

Before I go on with the review and guide, let me quickly drop this – Both Roomba 860 and 880 are good robotic vacuums, they are produced by iRobot, a top-class robotic vacuum manufacturer in the United States.

Roomba 860 vs 880 Quick review and highlights

I guess you might have read so many reviews about this product already, but anyways, here is what I’ve got to say concerning it. Roomba 860 is a pretty nice robotic vacuum with good features, it has a sweet and design, the body architecture is perfect and it is portable to carry about.

This robotic vacuum is capable of handling cleaning tasks in the home and it does it pretty well. The 860 robotic vacuum comes with good features and technologies that enable it to carry out its duties effectively all by itself – yes, this is because it is self-propelled.

Features of Roomba 860 robotic vacuum

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  • It comes with iAdapt Navigation technology
  • Also features AeroForce technology
  • Lightweight and portable with a fancy design
  • 5X suction power

Specifications of the Roomba 860

iAdapt navigation Yes
AeroForce Yes
Full bin indicator Yes
Auto Recharge Yes
HEPA Filter Yes
Carpet boost  No
Debris extractor Yes
Scheduling Yes
Manual docking Yes
Spot cleaning Yes
Carrying handle Yes
Inbuilt camera No
Cleaning passes control No
Full bin action control No

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Roomba 880 Quick review and highlights

Roomba 880 robotic vacuum is the later version on Roomba 860, so it is expected that it comes with advanced features and technologies. Minor flaws and limitations of the previous Roomba 800 robotic vacuum series were corrected in this version; it should be the best isn’t it? But well, let’s see if it’s actually the best.

The 880 robotic vacuum machine flaunts a stunning sleek, sturdy, and elegant design and comes with a remote control. Roomba 880 lands with advanced technology features that let it perform more efficiently and guarantees a more effective result. You shouldn’t be surprised about this, besides what else can you expect from an upgraded version of a product. I hope you know there are more things to consider before buying a product apart from the design and features. Let’s keep going to see if Roomba 880 is a better choice than the Roomba 860.

Features of Roomba 880 

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  • Comes with a remote control
  • Great design
  • Lightweight, flexible, and portable to carry about
  • Uses X life battery
  • It also comes AeroFore and iAdapt navigation support


iAdapt navigation Yes
AeroForce Yes
Full bin indicator Yes
Auto Recharge Yes
HEPA Filter Yes
Carpet boost  No
Debris extractor Yes
Scheduling Yes
Manual docking Yes
Spot cleaning Yes
Carrying handle Yes
Inbuilt camera No
Cleaning passes control No
Full bin action control No
Remote control Yes 
Dual mode virtual wall barriers 1
Dimensions (d x h, inches) 13.9 x 3.6
Weight (lbs.) 8.4


Why you need a Vacuum cleaner

One of the best ways to make your stuff(s) last longer is by engaging in routine maintenance practices which cleaning is part of it. Roomba Vacuum cleaners help to tidy up your home and keep it neat at all time. 

If you wish to elongate the lifespan of your carpets, then you need to vacuum it always but not as often as every day. These robotic vacuum cleaners operate even on tiled floors, hardwood, etc.

With the help of the AeroForce and iAdapt technologies, you can schedule any of these two vacuum machines to routinely perform cleaning tasks even in your absence. Tech innovations have really made things very easy for everyone.

Roomba 860 vs 880

There is no much reason(s) why one should say that Roomba 880 is actually more powerful the Roomba 860 except for some minor feature upgrades added to the 880 Vacuum robot.

What features of Roomba 880 are missing out on Roomba 860?

  • Virtual Wall feature
  • Remote control
  • Uses li-ion battery
  • Different finish

Like I said earlier, Roomba 880 comes with a remote control and the remote control has four buttons on it. These are the actual commands the remote sends to the robot;

  • The CLEAN button: Once you press this button, Roomba 880 will automatically activate itself and clean every corner within the area it is.
  • The SPOT button: This function sends a command to the machine to focus on a 3ft circle and clean a tough spot.
  • The Direction buttons: You can use these buttons (left and right) to control Roomba 800 activities manually. Just for fun, you can use to launch a chase after your pets.
  • The “…” Button: This function instructs the Robot to dock at the Home Base.

Detailed Comparison of the duo – Roomba 860 vs Roomba 880


Coming to the performance aspect of these two robotic vacuums, Roomba 880 assures more effective output result than Roomba 860. If you scheduled Roomba 860 to clean up your home while away, you might come back to see that some areas are well cleaned just like you want it while some were untouched. 

So if you’d always run automated cleaning tasks, then you should go for Roomba 880 instead of Roomba 860. Otherwise, Roomba 860 is still a good option to pick but that’s if the cleanings would be done under your supervision.


both vacuums have similar designs but with different finishes. I know you won’t want to buy a device or product that ain’t looking good to the eye. But never to worry, any of this two you pick comes a classical design you’d surely love.

Comparison Chart

In the table below, I have compared all the featured of Roomba 860 and 880, so you just read through and choose the one that’s best for you.

S/N Included Features Roomba 860 Roomba 880
Brushless Extractors Yes Yes
Entire Level Cleaning No Yes 
Carpet Boost No  No
Li-ion Battery Yes No
Remote controller No Yes
More efficient battery life Yes  No 
Guides 1 Virtual Wall 2 Lighthouse
Full bin notification No Yes
Carriage handle Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes
iAdapt Navigation Yes but weak Yes, very effective
Tangle-Free AeroForce Extractors No Yes
Time until full charge Approx. 3 hours Approx. 3 hours
Overall Performance 85{093f7cfd5dedacb11d0fe8df22e5063acf27d3b38905f059017ea63468ca6b2f} 95{093f7cfd5dedacb11d0fe8df22e5063acf27d3b38905f059017ea63468ca6b2f}
Scheduling Yes Yes
Manual docking Yes Yes
Spot cleaning Yes

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Summary and Conclusion on Roomba 860 vs 880

What more do you want to know/hear about these robotic vacuums from iRobot, this article has already dealt with every information you need on these two devices Roomba 860 vs 880.

I’d recommend Roomba 880 for users who would often run automated cleaning tasks and Roomba 860 for average users because it is considerably cheap and affordable.

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