Roomba 801 review: Honest view on the 801

Roomba 801 is an intelligent vacuuming robot with high-tech features. It is among the recent vacuum robots from the prestigious robotic vacuum manufacturer – iRobot.
This article, Roomba 801 review is a comprehensive, well-detailed review of the Roomba 801 robotic vacuum. Here, we succinctly explained all its features including the pros and cons.

Everyone knows that using a traditional or corded vacuum to clean the house is very stressful and requires a lot of human energy. It is not always easy carrying a corded vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs knowing they have limited space to cover depending on the cord length. Due to the limitations and less productivity performance offered by corded and tradition vacuums, most homeowners now seek solace on robotic vacuums. Hence, we decided to make a Roomba 801 review; it is an independent professional home cleaner.

Roomba 801 overview

The Roomba 801 robotic vacuum is a professional home cleaner packed with great technologies and accessories for an effective home cleaning performance.

It comes with the industry cutting-edge technology – AeroForce 3-Stage cleaning system. The work of the AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system is, to help the robot loosen dirt/debris/hairs, lift them from the floor and suction it into the robot’s bin. The 5x powerful suction paired with its high-efficiency HEPA filters makes it easier for the robot to pick up all the tiny particles on your floors.

Roomba 801 uses the iAdapt navigation system to view and map the area it is assigned to clean. This navigation technology is what helps the robot to move freely without hitting obstacles while it is cleaning the house.

Also, this unit comes with a cliff detector sensor that prevents the robot from falling off the stairs and other high-profile floors in the house.

This robotic vacuum model is not integrated with the iRobot home mobile app. So, it cannot be controlled remotely using a smartphone. With the help of the virtual walls packed together with this gadget on point of purchase, you can be able to restrict its movement around the house.


  • It Comes with a full set of intelligent sensors
  • Navigates easily through the house and does not bump into obstacles
  • It auto-docks itself once the battery is low
  • Scheduled cleaning support


  • The robot does not resume after a full charge

Specifications of Roomba 801

Dimensions 13 x 13 x 3.7 inches
Weight 11.99 lbs
Brushes Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, tangle-free brushes, spinning side brush
Navigation Advanced iAdapt navigation system
Suction power 5x power
Smart connected no 
Battery Li-Ion
Run-time Up to 60 minutes
Carpet boost
Auto-recharge Yes
Resume after a full charge No
Scheduling Yes, up to 7x per week
Filters High-efficiency filters
Sensors Cliff detector, acoustic sensors

Features of Roomba 801

Design and Body Build

Roomba 801 flaunts an oval-shaped body structure with a matured finish; it looks stunning on sight. It has four buttons arranged properly on its body; the owners are to use these buttons in controlling the robot activities.

The Roomba 895 has a low profile height which makes it easy for the robot to navigate under the beds, sofas, and other furnitures’ alike without colliding with them. It’s a vacuuming robot you’ll find interesting and wish to have.

Navigation and Mapping

It navigates using the iAdapt navigation system seen in all Roomba vacuums but this time it is an advanced version of the technology. The iAdapt nav system clearly maps the house to determine the best route the robot will follow to perform cleaning.

Because of the advanced navigation system packed by this Roomba vacuum, it hardly collides with obstacles and other pieces of equipment in the house.

Cleaning capabilities

This model works on all floors and also cleans your wall edges, thanks to the high-efficiency set of brushes packed into the system. Roomba 801 quickly adjusts from one floor to the other using the best suction power it could on each. 

With the AeroForce cleaning technology, tangle free brush roll, dual multi-surface brushes, and 5x suction power, this vacuum robot will loosen, pick, and suction dust, dirt, hair, allergens, pollens, and large debris from the floors, carpets, and rugs.

Also, the Roomba 801 is good in picking up the pet hairs that litter your floors. It is self-dependent and does not require much of your effort to work.

Battery and Docking

Roomba 801 is packed with a strong Li-ion battery that lasts up to 60 minutes after a full charge. This unit will clean for a very long time before returning to the dock station automatically when the battery gets low.

Since this unit auto-dock to recharge its system, the owners would have to leave the dock station connected to a power source at all times.

Ease of access and control

Owners of this Roomba vacuuming robot can sends commands to the robot using the dedicated buttons on its body. It does not feature any wireless connectivity support like seen in the Roomba later models (Roomba 895). It also misses the voice command feature, so, the only means to send this unit to work is by pressing the buttons on its button.

Virtual Barrier Walls

There are some important places in a house which the homeowner would not like this robot to access, this is where virtual barrier walls come in. These virtual wall barriers restrict the movement of the robot and prevent it from penetrating into certain areas/corners of the house.

Simply stand the virtual walls at the points/places you wish to be untouched and Roomba 895 will not bypass to such areas.

Scheduled cleaning 

With no worries, you can schedule the Roomba 801 to clean up the house at intervals up to 7 times weekly. Whether you’re not always at home, this robotic vacuum does not require your presence to carry out its duties; it is totally independent and smart.

To schedule cleanings for this robot, use the respective schedule on the robot’s body.


All Roomba robotic vacuums are backed with a limited 12-month (1 year) warranty on the robot and 6 months on battery. In other to gain the warranty of this robotic vacuum, you’ll have to purchase it from reputable sellers.

Roomba 801 Review

All the robotic vacuums in Roomba 800 series are all good and this model is a good choice one to pick from the group. It works pretty well for picking up pet hairs and is equipped with advanced features and technologies.

Roomba 801 is good at the price considering its features, specs, and accessories. With the 5x powerful suction and tangle free brushes available on this model, it works on all floor types effectively.

This Roomba model does not require much maintenance practices so; you won’t spend a dime on maintaining the robot.

Final Thoughts on the Roomba 801 review

You can find cheaper Roomba vacuums like the Roomba 650, 690, etc. they are older models but still vacuums perfectly. This Roomba 801 Review article is aimed to act as a guide to robotic vacuum buyers, by detailing the actual features they’ll enjoy when they buy this model manufactured by iRobot.

When buying a robotic vacuum, you should go for the ones with good suction power and long-lasting battery. Also, you’ll need the one that supports the auto-docking option so as to reduce the frequency of carrying the robot around the house.

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