Roomba 770 Review and Analysis

Roomba 770 review is a comprehensive article detailing the features, capabilities, and overall performance of the model.

This model – Roomba 770 is a professional home cleaner with cool features every homeowner would love. It is among the few iRobot Roomba vacuums equipped with advanced cleaning technologies.

Roomba 770 overview

Here comes the Roomba 770 robotic vacuum – a professional home cleaner from iRobot. It flaunts the traditional oval-shaped design packed by all Roomba vacuums. The Roomba 770 launches a deep concentrated clean at the push of a button (the “Clean” button).

Instead of wrapping pet hairs and debris around the robot cleaning brushes, Roomba 770 packs them inside its dedicated dustbin. So, you can easily get rid of the dirt and hairs once after a successful cleaning by the robot.

Also, Roomba 770 can work tirelessly up to 7 times weekly to ensure your whole home is always clean even when you are not around. It is self-dependent and the battery life is enough to power the robot vacuum for a long period of time.

Furthermore, this model is packed with iAdapt navigation system, virtual wall barriers, and a spinning side-brush for effective cleaning of your wall edges. This model vacuums very well; the dirt concentration feature initiates deeper cleaning on dirtier surfaces.


  • Easy to control
  • Self-charging support means the robot will automatically return to the dock station and recharge itself once the battery is low.
  • Full in indicator
  • Does more cleaning than manual or traditional vacuum cleaners
  • Effective wall edge cleaning support
  • Comes with Dual HEA filters
  • It is packed with a long-lasting battery
  • It can be scheduled to work up to 7x a week


  • It is slightly noisy
  • Sometimes it does not navigate properly.
  • It sometimes forgets the dock station location due to poor sensors.
  • Small dustbin size
  • The robot does not resume cleaning after self-charge

Roomba 770 Review – Specifications of the robot

Auto-docking (self-charge) Supported
Multi-Room Navigation Supported
Entire Level Cleaning
Recharge & Resume No
Scheduling Yes – 7 times per week
Tangle-Free Debris Extractors No
Smart connected No
3-Stage Cleaning System Supported
AeroVac 3-Stage Cleaning System Yes
Carpet Boost No
Weight  11.45lbs
Dimensions 13.9 x 3.4 x 13.9 inches
Dustbin size 0.17 liters

Why choose Roomba 770 over other Roomba vacuums?

 You may wish to ask “what makes Roomba 770 special”. Well, this model is very cheap and it does almost all the functions done by the newer Roomba model. Its limitations are not much; the most considered one is the smart connectivity feature, whereby the owner could control the robot via a smartphone.

Also, Roomba 770 is good in picking up pet hairs and cleaning the wall edges, what more do you expect from your robotic vacuum cleaner.

Roomba 770 review – the features explained

Design and body build

IRobot maintained the usual oval-shaped designed it uses in structuring the body of their robotic vacuums. The Roomba 770 looks classy in its design with well-arranged buttons for comfortable control.

With its slender body and low profile design, Roomba 770 easily navigates under the couches, beds, stools, and other furniture in the house. The all black body finish applied to this robot vacuum makes it look beautiful and interesting.

Navigation and included technologies

Roomba 770 navigates quite well through the house. It is packed with the iAdapt navigation system which helps it to map out the most suitable cleaning path for each task. This model also includes AeroVac 3-stage cleaning technology for more effective results; it will never leave your floor with any kind of dirt. 

Counter-rotating bushes are also included in this model, so the robot can sweep your floors and suction every dirt, pollen, and debris at the same time. The HEPA filters ensure that even the thinnest hair particle and dirt on your floors do not escape this robot’s suction. It packs all these stuff and houses them inside the dustbin can for the owner to dispose of them easily.

Scheduling and ease of control

Roomba 770 supports scheduled cleaning tasks; it can be scheduled to clean up to 7 times in a week. But unfortunately, it is not compatible with the latest robotic vacuum smart connectivity support found in recent Roomba models.

To schedule this Roomba model, you have to use the respective button on the body and set your schedules. The robot will automatically trigger itself to work once the scheduled time approaches.

Battery Life and Self-Charge function

A robotic vacuum without a strong battery and does not last long is not considered a good choice at any circumstance. Roomba 770 comes with a strong battery capacity and lasts up to 60 minutes after a full charge.

When the battery of this robot runs low, it automatically returns to the dock station and recharges itself getting ready for another task.

Cleaning capabilities

Versatility is one of the basic requirements to check out for when shopping for a robotic vacuum. This model from iRobot sweeps, vacuum, and suction any kind of dirt including pet hairs and allergens. It works on different floors and concentrates more on dirtier areas.

Roomba 770 will hardly hit or collide with any furniture in the house; it is smart enough to detect and divert from them.

A cliff detector sensor is included in this robotic vacuum model. This prevents it from falling off the stairs or other high profile floors in the house to avoid damage to any part of the robot system.

Virtual Wall Barriers

You can restrict the movements of this robot with an environment using the provided virtual wall barriers. This technology prevents the robot from penetrating into certain areas of a room while cleaning its surrounding environments.

Roomba 770 respects this technology and does not go beyond the marks created by these virtual walls.

Wall-edge cleaning brush

Yes, the Roomba comes with a spinning wall edge cleaning brush which it utilizes to clean up the dirt on your wall edges. The bot also gets closer to tight corners in a room to clean up the floors and wall edges effectively.

Roomba 770 Review

This Roomba robotic vacuum model will save some money and still offer a great value for the amount you spent. It cleans up the house very well and offers a great range of versatility.

Roomba 770 pet hair removal function is applauding and the spinning side-brush does a very good and neat job on wall edges. Also, the self-charging feature reduces the frequency of carrying the robot round about the house.

The dustbin (though not so big) stores a considerable size of dirt and can be easily emptied once after a complete cleaning task by the robot. There is a full bin indicator that alerts the owner once the bin is full amidst a cleaning task by this robot.

Final words

Roomba 770 robotic vacuum is a good pick for every homeowner in 2018. Considering it works on various floor types and the features are very much okay, it is the best you can get at this moment. Click here to view on amazon


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