Best Vacuum Cleaner For Guinea Pigs In 2021

If you’re in a hurry and just want to grab the Best Vacuum Cleaner For Guinea Pigs quickly, I recommend the below cleaners. They are my favourite vacuum cleaners overall, based on all the criteria we considered.

  • Shark NV601UKT Lift-Away True Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Check Price)
  • Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog PowerLine Bagged Vacuum Cleaner (Check Price)
  • Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Check Price)
  • Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum (Check Price)
  • BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum (Check Price)

When it comes to cleaning a guinea pig cage you basically have two options, either you clean it with your hands or you use a handheld vacuum to do the job.

Using a handheld vacuum is convenient and makes cleaning up a guinea pig’s cage a lot easier. Plus you’ll get it done quicker than if you were trying to do it with your hands. There are a large number of handheld vacuums out there, but we’re interested in the best vacuum cleaner for guinea pigs; ones that would be best for cleaning a guinea pig’s cage.

Dogs and cats typically shed their hair at least twice a year – some do it more often! Even small furries, like rabbits and guinea pigs, can still create a sizeable amount of mess through moulting. If you’re the owner of a frequent fur-shedding pet, investing in a reliable and effective pet hoover for pet hair is a must!

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Guinea Pigs/Hay – Reviews

1. Shark NV601UKT Lift-Away True Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Check Price On Amazon

Powerful, compact and lightweight – this Shark Lift-Away is no ordinary vacuum. Go from carpet to hard floor in an instant, reaching into the tightest spaces with ease thanks to its 8-metre flex.

It can also be converted from an upright vacuum to a portable vacuum – perfect for tackling stairs – and its detachable pod makes above-the-head cleaning a breeze.

It also comes with a pet brush attachment for effortless removal of hair from floors and furnishings – plus additional tools for dusting, getting into crevices and cleaning upholstery.

2. Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog PowerLine Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

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If your pet is prone to being a bit whiffy, this Miele vacuum cleaner is a great choice. It features an Active AirClean Filter, specifically designed to banish unwanted pet odours, and a Turbo Tool, which makes short work of stubborn dirt and embedded pet hair.

As it’s bagged, it’s really hygienic to empty as you can put the dust bag straight into the bin when it’s full. Thanks to its lightweight design, it’s really easy to move from room to room and to carry upstairs too. This model has also been tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, so you can trust in its build quality.

3. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Check Price On Amazon

Hate hoovering? Thanks to clever technology, you can have a fur-free home without lifting a finger. At less than three inches in height, this robot vacuum will remove pet hair while you tend to other tasks.

It easily slides under beds, sofas and TV units and picks up pesky pet hair and dander in spots you can’t always see. The device works well on both carpet and hard surfaces and runs for approximately two hours, meaning most – if not all – of the rooms in your home can be cleaned from a single charge.

4. Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Check Price On Amazon

This one is another easy to clean handheld vacuum because it has a removable bowl and a reusable filter. That means you can dump out any guinea pig poop hand wash the filter and it’ll be ready to use again. It’s also compact so it’s easy to store it where you keep all of your other cleaning supplies.

This handheld vacuum comes with a built-in crevice tool so it’s great for spot cleaning your guinea pig’s cage. The lithium-ion battery helps it keep a strong charge while you’re cleaning so you can get through the whole session without stopping.

5. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Check Price On Amazon

This handheld vacuum is one of the most top-rated ones available and it’s easy to see why. It operates with a lithium-ion battery, which means the charge will last the whole time while you’re cleaning your guinea pig’s cage.

Charging takes about 4 hours and you can even leave it on the charging base without worrying about destroying the battery. It comes with a washable dirt bowl and filter which makes cleaning it out and replacing it after you use it quick and simple.

The powerful motor and cyclonic action help keep the filter it comes with clean and the suction strong. That’s why it’s so effective at sucking up your guinea pig’s droppings and any other mess within your guinea pig’s cage.

The sleek CHV1410L boasts lithium technology, strong suction and fade-free power. With a translucent bagless dirt bowl, the dirt is easy to see and empty.

Ever ready, the hand vac can hold a charge for up to 18 months when off the charger, and is lightweight enough to tackle quick pick ups around the home.

Smart Charge Technology High-efficiency Lithium ion chargers help to protect your BLACK+DECKER hand vac by automatically shutting off when the battery is charged, allowing you to conveniently store your BLACK+DECKER hand vac on the charger while maintaining long run times, year after year.

6. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Check Price On Amazon

This is another one that was made with pets in mind, so it’s another one that’s great for a multiple pet household or just for your guinea pigs.

What makes this one stand out is its triple-level filter system that greatly improves the cleaning performance. It also comes with a set of attachments so it’ll be easier to do the cleaning job you’re trying to get done.

7. Gtech Pro K9

With hygienic bags for easier disposal and strengthened components to handle the added stress of pet hair, the Pro K9 offers pet owners a convenient cleaning solution.

It has a powered rotating brush bar designed to pick up pet hair from carpets and hard floors and a triple-layered bag that offers an alternative to messy waste disposal.

The cordless design makes it easy to travel between different rooms and floors. But you will need to recharge the battery after around 40 minutes of run-time.

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8. APOSEN Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filter

The feature that makes this handheld vacuum stand out is its reduced noise. It can operate at a low frequency which means your hair less of it as your clean up your guinea pig’s cage.

It’s also a great option if you live in a place that has noise restrictions. This vacuum is also very lightweight and only weighs 2 pounds so it’s easy to carry.

It cleans up both dry and wet messes and comes with a high capacity dirt bowl that can be easily detached and emptied. Click here to see on Amazon

9. Vaclife Handheld Vacuum

What makes this handheld vacuum unique is the LED light that helps you clean in any dark corner in your guinea pig’s cage. That along with the included crevice tool to make it pretty easy to clean out tight corners within the cage.

While it’s not exactly noiseless it still operates with lower noise compared to other handheld vacuums. So the low noise, as well as a decent 30 minute run time, makes it up a great option for spot cleaning in an environment like an apartment where you have to be noise conscious. Click here to see on Amazon

How To Clean Guinea Pig Poop With Vacuum Cleaner

As easy as it may sound, cleaning guinea pig poop/hay with a vacuum cleaner requires some technical know-how to get this done the right way. Don’t panic, the steps are not too difficult to implement. Continue reading to know-how.

First and foremost, remove the guinea pigs from their cage before you start cleaning.

  • Keep them in a safe place such as a playpen before using the vacuum to clean, this is especially if they’re not familiar with you and your home yet.
  • Remove all extra items such as small toys, etcetera that you might have kept in the cage.
  •  Ensure to brush aside the hey or clear the hey altogether because sucking up too much hey with a vacuum can damage it.
  •  You should also remove the fleece before cleaning.
  • Now you can use the vacuum to simply suck all the poop around the area.

As you may know, guinea pigs poop quite often, which is why you need to take your time and properly clean everything at once. This will be faster and healthier than doing it with your hands.

What to look out for when buying a vacuum cleaner for a guinea pig hay- Buyers guide

There are various factors you need to consider when trying to purchase the best, most effective, and qualitative handheld vacuum cleaner for your guinea pigs’ cage.

Many of them tend to share similar features, but it is all about selecting the one that suits your situation and that of your guinea pig. Never settle for less, consider the following:

Battery Life and time it takes to charge

The very first important thing you need to check is its battery life. Sometimes the cage might be dirtier than normal which means your cleaning session may take longer to complete- hence you need a handheld vacuum that can work for as long as it takes you to complete.

Also, it is important to know how long it takes to charge. You wouldn’t want to wait for long for your handheld vacuum to charge especially if you have your day planned.

In addition, after buying a vacuum, ensure you charge it according to the specification and period stated in the manual.

Of course, it can never be overemphasized on the need for reading manuals before using electronics. Sometimes, the poor battery life of vacuum cleaners may not be bored out of the fact that the product or equipment lacks quality, rather it could be that the necessary guidelines were not followed before usage (e.g charging for a specified period) thus affecting it in a long run.

The Suction Ability

The pivotal role of a vacuum cleaner is to suck up dirt or messes, thus you’ll need a vacuum with a powerful and effective suction that’ll make it easier to clean up your guinea pig cage.

Haven stated this, the ones we provided above are sure to carry out this purpose effectively. You should also know that vacuum cleaners with lesser suction power will not only make your cleaning difficult but slower and may even damage the surface of your guinea pig’s cage.

 Sound Level

Considering where you live, you should be mindful of how noisy your chosen vacuum will likely be. You should also note that noise level doesn’t always correspond with power.

You can get a vacuum with a lesser sound that can do your bidding perfectly well. Your entire household and neighbours wouldn’t be all smiles when you turn On your noisy vacuum, you wouldn’t want that as well.
Therefore, it is important that you test to see the sound level of the vacuum you’re about to purchase.

Easy Maintenance

Of course, you need not be told to clean your vacuum after usage. However, how difficult to clean these vacuums is a major concern here.

If you want one that is easy to clean which is the best form of maintenance, go for a model that comes with a removable mess bowl with quick and easy replacement.

Vacuum cleaners are meant to be properly maintained else you have extra cash to spend on getting new ones every two months.

The Filters

Carefully observe the filters used in the machine. This will be important for the removal of dirt from the carpet or flooring in your guinea pig’s cage.

Selecting a vacuum with quality and the right filters will go a long way in saving you the stress of picking every ounce of dirt from the carpet or from the guinea pig’s cage.

Choose A Handheld Vacuum

We strongly suggest you select a handheld vacuum for your guinea pig’s cage. This is because it will help you in getting into the corners of the cage easily. It is also best suited for the hair of guinea pigs; bristles or brushes that don’t affect their sensitive skin.


Can you vacuum around guinea pigs?

Thanks to innovative technology, there are plenty of pet hoovers for pet hair that can catch flyaway fur and suck up stubborn static hairs with minimal effort.

But much like shopping for any electrical appliance, choosing the right one for you and your home can often feel like a bit of a minefield – especially when we have so much choice!

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Can You Vacuum The Poop/hay Of Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are easy to look after, but sometimes getting rid of their poop can be time-consuming. There has to be a quicker way to get this done and without having to face or touch it with hands yikes! So can vacuum cleaners come to the rescue?
Yes, vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning up guinea pigs’ poop. Vacuum cleaner actually serves as a quicker and convenient way of cleaning poop compared to using your hands. There are even specifically designed vacuum cleaners made with small pets in mind.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind if you’re about to take this step. For example, if your guinea pig is still getting used to the environment, then you shouldn’t vacuum their cage while they are still in it because they may feel uncomfortable with it thereby scaring them off.

Not all guinea pigs are the same, therefore you should be careful while cleaning their cage. Pay attention to how they react whenever you vacuum their poop in their cage to know if they’re comfortable with the idea. The sound sometimes may traumatize them, among other characteristics that show how not cool they’re with it.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Guinea Pigs – Conclusion

There you have it. the above vacuum cleaners are what I personally recommend for those looking to clean the spaces around their guinea pigs so, feel free to pick that which you think best suits your need.

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