Best Steam Mop With Scrubber

Instead of relying on detergents, the best steam mops with scrubber generate steam that helps moisturize and loosen stuck dirt on hard floors.  The cleaning process is done using a removable cloth or pillow, usually reusable, which works similar to most microfiber or spray wipes.

Mopping can be such a drag, especially when you’re dealing with caked on dirt and who knows what else.  The good news is the best steam mop with scrubber takes care of mess and dandruff without making a mess on your floors.

It is important to consider the type of floors in your home before surfing the internet for a steam mop.  If you know that your hardwood tends to easily scratch easily, you will need a mop specially designed for hardwood, with a softer base, such as a roller sponge or a microfiber cloth.  But if you are dealing with tiles and bathtubs, feel free to use rubber or plastic bristles without the risk of damage.  Be sure to look for a triangular mop if you work with hard to reach floor space.

With all the benefits a steam mop can provide, you will probably never want to go back to an old bucket mop and bucket after trying it out.  Once you fill a regular bucket with hot water, it starts to cool instantly and loses its cleansing and sterilization properties – not to mention that it gets dirty often after rinsing the first swab.  On the other hand, the steam mop keeps its heat, so it always stays at the ideal temperature for scrubbing floors.  Thanks to this, you will never have to use harsh chemicals with strong odors – which are not ideal for use around children, pets, or anyone with allergies – to make sure the floors are as clean as possible.

Best Steam Mop For Quarry Tiles

Another advantage is that the high temperatures the steam mop removes are tough stains without the need for additional cleaning, providing deep cleaning even for bathroom floors.  It also makes them crack and spread in a small part of time because it eliminates the need to stop, re-soak, press, rub and repeat.  With a reliable steam mop, you pass the entire floor once.

Bathroom cleaning can be a thing, but the best steam mop with scrubber comes with a variety of accessories to make them faster and easier to maneuver through embarrassing corners and narrow spaces.    When it comes to the accessories, for most people, it’s essential that your steamer come with nozzles designed to clean tough spots, like the grout between your tiles, as well as brush attachments for scrubbing away stubborn stains on tiles and laminate.

You may also want the steam cleaner to have an extension hose and a longer cord to allow you to reach every corner of your space, especially if you have a large bathroom or one with limited outlets. Below is a list of the best steam mop with scrubber and an editor’s recommendation at the end.


Best steam mop with scrubber

·         18″ Microfiber Scrubber Mop – 3 Pack

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Microfiber Wholesale’s 18 “Microfiber Scrubber Mop Pad is a lint-free squeegee pillow made from a polyester / polyamide tangle blend of microfiber divided by polyester scrub straps. Microfiber / polyester threads are sewn on a loop and loop pattern prop with overlock stitching on the edges.

This mop features a dense microfiber yarn that weighs 990 grams per square meter between the microfiber facial strings and a hook-like layer and a loop is a 7 mm thick foam core.  The purpose of the foam core is to help the microfiber mop pad keep its shape throughout the life of the pad and fluid absorption (water, disinfectant, detergent) that will emulsify dust, dirt and grease for effective cleaning.

·         Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Floor Mop

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The dual spinning pads on this Bissell Wireless Mop are strong enough to do the hard scrubbing for you, but soft enough to not scratch or damage floors.  The lightweight frame is easy to steer across any hard surface, and with the rechargeable lithium battery, you don’t have to worry about finding a outlet to keep it connected.  In addition, this power mop features an on-demand spray system so it dispenses the right amount of solution every time.

·         OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

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If your bathroom needs a serious scrub, the OXO sink and tile washer will do the trick.  The innovative head shape revolves around any corner that is difficult to crack or crack.  This is a great mop that you can pick up to complement your home mop that’s not expensive or bulky in your hall closet.  In addition, it is completely antimicrobial so it will not catch bacteria, and the surface plate is slightly revealing to allow the deepest possible scrub.  When wearing the pillow, just remove and replace it with a quick roll.  The steel pole is non-slip, so you don’t need to worry about slipping, even when your hands are wet.

·         Libman 547 Floor Scrub with Built-In Scraper

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If you have a mess that won’t budge, think about this easy set of Liebman laundry scraper.  Although not completely wiper, it is an ideal pre-wash tool that can help lift stubborn stains before cleaning.  Hard wash bristles massages dirt from deep cracks and rough surfaces without scratching, and the plastic side acts as a strong tamper scraper.


Editor’s Recommendation:

18″ Microfiber Scrubber Mop – 3 Pack

[amazon box="B01CFIHGLA"]

The 18 ” microfiber mop pads are great for cleaning any hard surface floors, especially in areas with high traffic.  Cleaning strips on the mop are designed to be aggressive without being abrasive and ideal for removing scuff marks from floors.  The size of this mop pads makes them an effective product for use in wiping floors in schools, kitchens, hospitals, commercial use and areas that tend to require little extra attention.

They work great for cleaning contracting companies and doormen who need to get their cleaning done quickly and hassle free.  Due to the durability of the dense micro-ring structure, it is great for disinfection on rough surface floors.  Using a mop for floor tiles, concrete, vinyl plank flooring, stone, and marble; you will see how well it works.

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