Best Steam Cleaner For Commercial Kitchen

What is the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen? – Cleaning the kitchen is a time consuming and messy task that very few people enjoy.  This is because kitchen surfaces are usually left greasy after cooking with oil, fat and leftovers.  With the importance of food safety, keeping kitchen surfaces clean is vital.  Traditionally kitchens have been cleaned with washing, chemical degreasers and disinfectant sprays.

Commercial and local kitchen should be cleaned regularly to help keep them free from grease and odors.  This is especially the case for commercial kitchens given the volume and frequent use compared to home kitchens.  You need the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen to accomplish this task. If cleaned regularly, the oven cleaning time will be greatly reduced compared to periodic cleaning when the removal of greasy dirt accumulates and difficult to stubborn stains.

How do you deep clean a commercial kitchen?

Traditionally, kitchens have been cleaned with manual cleaning with manual oven degreasers.  Although this method was messy and time consuming and it is known to leave bad chemical odors in ovens that can last for weeks or go to food.  Fortunately, there are now much easier ways to clean kitchen, including the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen that reduces cleaning time and effort and eliminates the use of degreasers.

The primary responsibility of any restaurant maintenance manager is to ensure a clean and safe environment for both customers and employees.  Most of the safety issues are encountered in the restaurant’s kitchen area, but it is also necessary to keep other areas clean to attract and retain customers.  There are many types of cleaning machines and tools available to clean and maintain restaurants, but the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen is recommended because they come with ideal features for restaurants and hotels.

Can I steam clean my kitchen cabinets?

Steam cleaners come with a variety of techniques, but the basic method involves taking out water / steam at exceptionally high temperatures, which can be directed to surfaces for cleaning.  It is important to understand that steam pressure washers can leave restaurant surfaces wet after cleaning.  On the other hand, do not use steam carpet cleaners.  They use heated water to high temperatures to remove dirt and grime from restaurant rugs.

Not only does the well-maintained restaurant remain clean, it must also be clean and sterile.  If you want your restaurant to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and hygiene, your choice must be a steam cleaner that can effectively eliminate germs, bacteria and molds from the damp areas of the restaurant where it is likely to thrive.  The best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen is designed to eliminate almost all bacteria, fungi and other types of microorganisms that can harm the health of your employees and customers.

Choose the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen with attached vacuums that can help in removing residual dirt completely. This obliterates the use of mops and towels for manually removing the last traces of dirt from the floor or cleaned surfaces.

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Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or corporate kitchen, cleanliness is the key.  Over 50 percent of foodborne disease outbreaks are linked to restaurants.  This means that a healthy kitchen can help reduce the spread of airborne diseases.  Apart from regular maintenance of equipment, there are other areas of your space that require thorough cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Need some help before getting started?  We’ve got you covered with the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen.


Best Steam Cleaner For Commercial Kitchen

·         KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS

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KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS is a steam cleaner.  Thanks to the continuous refill technology, which allows you to add water without turning off the machine, this commercial-grade steam vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for crowded environments such as kitchens and auto stores.  300CS easily reaches temperatures of 310 degrees and pressure levels of 75PSI, cuts grease, mildew, dirt and more.

KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS is a durable, commercial-grade steam cleaner designed for all-day and everyday use.  Whether it’s degreasing / cleaning food production equipment or cleaning the bathroom, Pro Plus 300CS relies on countless users from large food manufacturers, to national cleaning companies, to homeowners who simply want the best. See on Amazon

·         McCulloch MC1375 Canister Commercial Grade Steam Mop

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McCulloch heavy duty steam mop deep cleans and sanitizes the floors, tiles and carpets without the use of harsh chemicals. The streamer works on 58 psi pressure, good enough to blast grime and dirt form the carpets and floors. It has a three-prong plug to reduce electric shock.  The steam rate is 31 g / min at high pressure and 15 g / min for low pressure.  The water tank capacity is 48 ounces and produces steam in 12 minutes.

The steamer can be operated continuously for 90 minutes.  The wire is 18 feet long and can be stored on board.  Accessories that contain the McCulloch Steam Cleaner include 20 versatile tools including scrapper, triangle brush, large brush, nylon utility brush, brass utility brush, round brush, bristle brush, large mop head and scrubbing microfiber pads. See on Amazon

·         Super Max 7000

The Super Max 7000 is a rugged and durable wet steam pressure washer.  Built to outlast and suitable for myriad applications.  The enormous heat and low flow rate allow for incredibly efficient cleaning / degreasing while minimizing water consumption.  Super Max ™ 7000 industrial pressure washer is by far the most popular wet steam pressure washer purchased by our customers all over the world.  Water consumption is relatively low because high temperatures allow users to clean more quickly.

Besides Daimer steam models with higher pressure levels than the 7000 system, the 7000 provides quick gum removal for use on exterior surfaces (melts up to 1,200 pieces / hour).  Other applications include: food and beverage manufacturing equipment cleaning; general industrial equipment cleaning; degreasing restaurant kitchen floors and walls; kitchen duct cleaning (from the roof); commercial coil and condenser cleanup; removing from other surfaces grease, oil, soap scum (heath clubs, etc), fats, hardened sugar, and much more.


Editor’s Recommendation:

KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS

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Pro Plus 300CS features a 2-liter stainless steel kettle and a 3-liter uncompressed packing room.  Continuous refilling allows refilling while the machine is running and operating.  Devices without this important feature require users to shut down, refill, and reheat.  On the other hand, continuous refilling allows operators to refill the machine while working for non-stop cleaning.  All Daimer steam cleaners have a lifetime warranty on the boiler, a 3-year parts warranty, and a one-year warranty. See on Amazon


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