Best Spin Mop For Laminate Floors

What is the best spin mop for laminate floors? – With all the different options available these days, laminate still proves to be one of the most popular choices in flooring out there. Laminate floors are available in many different styles and come at a very competitive price.  The shell has a hard layer of the resin as its outer layer which makes it very durable.  These floors can have a long life if taken care of properly.

To ensure longevity of wood floors, you need to ensure that they are cleaned properly.  To help you do this, you’ll need to find the best spin mop for laminate floors.  You will need to choose cleaning tools that will efficiently remove all dust and dirt from your floors and you need to make sure that the tools you choose can do this without damaging the laminate floors.

Can you use a spin mop on laminate flooring?

In order to ensure that your wood flooring stays at its best for a long time to come, you need to clean it regularly with the best spin mop for laminate floors.  If you do not clean the dust and dirt from floors frequently, the resin layer will scratch it all dirt and debris and your floors will look faded and dull -That is where the best spin mop for laminate floors comes in handy.  You need the tools to clean wooden floors without using excess water.  While these floors are moisture-proof, they are definitely not waterproof.

Laminate floor makes your home more beautiful and welcoming.  However, cleaning and maintaining laminate floors can be difficult, especially if you fall short of proper cleaning devices.  The best spin mop for laminate floors is one of the most reliable tools for cleaning wooden floors and restoring their shiny appearance.  Choosing the best mop for cleaning your laminate floors can be a little tricky because the market is full of modest products that promise to wipe out your messes and extend the life of the laminate floors.

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Best spin mop for laminate floors

·         BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

This spin mop is Spinwave powered and cleans your floors effectively through a scrubbing action. The BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner work excellently on sealed hard surfaces like linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood floors. With a pair of BISSELL multi-surface fittings, you can remove dirt from hard floors.  The package also includes washable mop pads in the washer – one is for cleaning and the other is for softer fabric.  The broom features an attractive modern design.

When it comes to storage convenience, this unit comes with a dual-purpose storage tray that keeps the mop pads after use.  The tray also helps attach pads to the base of the cleaner.  The cleaner is powered by five lithium-ion batteries that give you up to 20 minutes of cleaning;  you will not be burdened with electrical wires.  There is a spray trigger that enables the user to choose the amount of multi-layer BISSELL formula that will be sprayed on the ground.

In addition to all these features, the BISSELL Spinwave hardwood floor mop and cleaner are silent.  No matter how poweful it is, the machine won’t bother you with noise. See on Amazon

·         O-Cedar EasyWring Laminate Floors Spin Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring microfiber spin mop and bucket floor cleaning system provides pleasant and enjoyable floor cleaning experience for every user.  It comes with a foot pedal design, which ensures hands free wringing all the time. The bucket also has a foot pedal for hands-free sticking, which saves less clutter when wiping a variety of floors.

The unit includes deep cleaning micro-fibers that remove dirt and grime stuck on wood floors, tile floors, hard floors, and more.  The high-quality foot pedal helps revitalize swelling so that you can adjust the humidity level according to personal cleaning needs.  The unique triangular mop design provides an enabling environment for cleaning in corners as well as hard to reach areas. See on Amazon

·         LINKYO Spin Mop and Easy Mobile Bucket System

If you have a mixture of laminate and tile, then this spin mop is ideal for average cleaning or wet spills that you can tend to on both types of flooring.  This spin mop is full of useful features that users love: it has wheels that make it easy to move; the swivel feature at the bottom of the bucket so you can rinse the mop between uses; stainless steel rinse basket; drain holder in a convenient location so that you can drain the water into an outdoor floor filter, avoiding lifting and spills; soap dispenser goes straight to the bucket; separate scrub brush included to reduce dirt and grime.

It has a Chenille dust pad and two microfiber mop heads, both of which are machine washable (let them air dry and avoid using fabric softener). See on Amazon

·         Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

This is a high-quality mop that can be used on wood floors as well.  It is made of aluminum alloy which makes it durable.  It also comes with washable and reusable pads which again contribute significantly to longevity.  It has a 360 ° rotating head without the need for self-mechanisms.  The mop can be used for dry or wet mops as well as for sweeping or dusting various types of floors including wood, wood, vinyl, and even hardwood floors.

The unit has a 1 ”head and a 35 to 60” extendable telescopic handle for maximum cleaning comfort.  Being aluminum, the unit is relatively light and does not cause much stress.  The microfiber pads included in this purchase are washable up to 100 times with an increased span.  It weighs 1.2 lbs.  Thick microfiber pads ensure all stains and dirt will be removed.  It is also backed by a full money back guarantee in case of any manufacturing defects.


Editor’s Recommendation:

O-Cedar EasyWring Laminate Floors Spin Mop

The O-Cedar has a flexible mop head with a 360-degree rotation for easy maneuvering and cleaning under and around furniture.  The microfiber is safe and effective to use on various surfaces including wood floors, tiles and hard floors.  Most importantly, you can use it wet to clean deep floors or dry them to clean floors and other surfaces. See on Amazon


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