Best Roomba with Mop

Find a list of the best Roomba with Mop that could make your cleaning a lot easier, and faster at a considerable amount of money

When it comes to hated chores, the mop is likely more despised than even vacuuming (although we agree that toilet cleaning is high on the list). Dirty water, back pain, and the fact that most homes have far less washable floors than carpets make the job too easy to miss.

As with the vacuum cleaner, however, robotics came to the rescue. Robotic mops don’t need bulky buckets or dirty mop heads. All you have to do is fill the water tank, place it on the floor, press the start button and step aside. Some even vacuum or even sweep the floor first to save you that hassle. They won’t eliminate the need to use an old-fashioned mop now and then, but they can make cleaning the floor a lot easier if you do.

Here are our current top picks for Best Roomba with Mop. This is an ever-changing category (manufacturers are still experimenting with what a robotic mopper does well) so there can be significant differences between products in terms of features and functions. There are a few basics to look out for, however, and we’ve included them in our picks to assist you if our top picks don’t suit your unique needs.

What to look for in a robot mop

Dedicated Floor Mop or Hybrid Vacuum / Mop – All robotic mops work the same – you fill a tank with water and the water is distributed as the robot navigates your floors using a rag/pad attached to remove dirt from your floor.

However, there are generally two types of robots. Models like the iRobot Braava Jet 240 and iLife Shinebot W400 cannot vacuum your floors before mopping (although the former can dry out sweeping agents).

Vacuum/mop hybrids are essentially robotic vacuums that come with a removable water tank. When you’re ready to scrub, fill this small capacity tank with tap water, tie a microfiber cloth, and place it on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

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The Advantages of a Robot Mop as a House Helper

There are many reasons why a robotic mop is good to have around the house. Below are the main ones so you know what to expect from the best robotic mop!

Detects all levels of dirt

Robotic mops are capable of handling all types of dirt. From the dust that has just settled to the debris that is already encrusted deep in your carpet, high-quality robotic mops are equipped with powerful suction capabilities despite their compact size.

With the help of a built-in sensor, a robotic mop can record the workload in a particular situation. If necessary, it will go through a certain area several times and only turn off when it is completely clean. This impressive level of detail is unsurpassed for a stand-alone machine!

Accelerates house cleaning

As you may already know, a robotic mop is autonomous and self-sufficient. It is therefore the ideal product if you want to minimize the amount of work involved in keeping your home clean.

While your Robohelper is doing its job, part of your schedule will be freed up so you can work on other cleaning tasks. By working together, you will drastically reduce the time you spend cleaning your entire home. Since you can let a robotic mop do its job, your floors will never be messy again!

It’s a great solution for the elderly

People with limited mobility such as the disabled and the elderly will appreciate the help of robotic mops. Thanks to their hands-free calling and ease of use, the machines allow them to share products, eliminating the need to rent household cleaners that cost thousands of dollars a year.

Surprisingly cheap

Robotic mops have been available for living areas for some time. As more and more manufacturers produce auxiliary robots, their price is getting cheaper. Today you can get a product with decent quality and performance for just a hundred dollars. It won’t be for the best, but we say you don’t have to break your money just to get your hands on a robot cleaner!

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What are the Best Roomba with Mop?

For high-end models with more features and better quality, the price can go up to $1000. There is something for every budget.

iRobot Roomba S9+ Robot Vacuum (best overall)

The iRobot Roomba S9+ is the best Roomba with Mop. If you have a budget to clean your home or just want to work with the best robotic vacuum cleaner on the market today, the Roomba s9 + is your choice. It’s not cheap; The average retail price is $1,400! However, if you can afford it, a treat awaits.

Here are some of its features:

It is self-cleaning

Most Roomba models require you to clean it yourself. Removing dust, dirt, hair, and other contaminants can be tricky. You have to break up your trash, empty it and sometimes it will spill! Then you have to clean everything again.

As the best Roomba with Mop. The s9 + has its arrangement in the charging station where Roomba empties. Dirt goes into pockets that hold everything together and keep your home clean.

It’s a thorough clean

Do you have deep carpets? Many Roombas are not designed for deep carpets and you will need to vacuum regularly. However, the s9 + has incredible suction power. It cleans over 40 times deeper than the 600 models which is pretty amazing.

Plus, they don’t clean corners well. This Roomba? It doesn’t cut corners … literally! It has strong side brushes to make sure your corners are nice and clean.

It adapts

The cheapest Roombas go in random directions and while it works they don’t learn your house. This Roomba does. Not only can you see the obstacles in front of you, but you can also draw a map of your house. You can also control which rooms to enter and which obstacles to avoid.

Good battery

The battery lasts about 2 hours, which should cover most households well. It takes about four hours to charge, which is a bit long, but it’s a small price to pay.


The most thorough cleaning

Some people see novelty in Roombas that cleans the floor a little but is no substitute for a real vacuum. The S9 + offers incredible cleaning that rivals the best of vacuum cleaners. It’s pretty impressive.


You no longer have to empty your Roomba. It does all of the cleaning for you, and all you have to do is take the bag out of the charging station and empty it. No need to worry about stopping Roomba because it’s full of debris. The s9 + does all the work for you.

Intelligent mapping

The s9 + allows you to map your home for the best possible cleaning and avoiding obstacles or spaces that you shouldn’t enter. Few Roombas still have this technology. Because the software is always up to date, you may have even smarter features in the future.


It is expensive

As the best Roomba with Mop, perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the s9+ is its price. Few people, if not rich, can justify more than a big vacuum cleaner. If you want the best that the Roomba world has to offer it should be worth it, but those on a budget should be happy with the cheaper models on the market.

However, you can still check out Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday deals, or look for a good, reconditioned model at a cheaper price. Just make sure you have protection.

Also, keep in mind that it will decrease over time. Soon, a Roomba with all of these features could be on the budget side.

Long charging time

Some users can turn off four hours of charging time. Cheaper Roombas tend to have less charging times, but since the s9 + is so powerful, expect longer charging times. Fortunately, the battery life is long. As long as you keep it charged and don’t leave it on your patio overnight, you should be fine.

There are complaints

Even as the best Roomba with Mop, most people love their s9 +, but reception is a bit more inconsistent on Amazon. Some users have complained that the device does not map their home, hangs up and makes too much noise. Of course, it can only be a vocal minority. It is wise to make sure that if you are not satisfied you can return Roomba as it is a great investment.

Standout Feature

What is special about the S9+ is that it is the best Roomba with Mop, and it is self-cleaning. Roombas don’t have the largest dust storage bins, so emptying them can always be a problem. The S9+ ‘s ability to empty your trash into a larger storage bin saves you a few trips to empty the trash can.

Plus, it has a thorough cleaning that rounds off the rest of the models. Robot vacuums are known to not clean deep enough, but cleaning the S9 and S9+ goes deep, making it almost the perfect replacement for a vacuum. Click here to see on Amazon



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