Best Robotic Cleaner For Concrete Pool

Best robotic cleaner for concrete pool- At first, robotic pool cleaners were not great.  They weren’t very smart, had trouble climbing up the walls and used the pool circulation pump to save their power – early robotic pool cleaners were not very effective.  This is definitely no longer the case, provided you choose a high-quality automatic pool cleaner.  We will be reviewing quite a few of these automatic cleaners and we have chosen recognized brands that have proven to be reliable and of great reputation.

Concrete is a common material in swimming pool deck design.  It is available in a variety of colors, very durable and resistant to external elements.  The concrete is also slip-resistant, which makes it a safer option to build when building a pool deck.  Concrete requires little maintenance and can be cleaned as needed when debris accumulates or stains appear on the deck, and that is where the best robotic cleaner for concrete pool comes in to save the day.

Concrete swimming pools have many advantages.  They can be built in any size and shape and last for 50 years or more.  But they also need special care.  The nature of concrete means that it is subject to some issues that do not exist with vinyl or fiberglass baths.  Since concrete is full of microscopic pores, it can host bacteria and algae that will ultimately affect the quality of the water in the pool.  Strong chemicals can also affect concrete or plaster that is often placed on top of it.  Another common problem with concrete is cracking.  All of these problems mean that you need special care when maintaining a tangible gathering.  But with proper care, the concrete assembly can last for decades.

Concrete swimming pools have one major advantage over vinyl and fiberglass pools.  It can be made in any size or shape you want.  This is because, unlike vinyl and fiberglass, the pool is not preset.  Instead, a hole is drilled into the desired shape and depth of the sink.  After preparing the hole, the walls are equipped with reinforcing steel.  The rebar will provide support for the concrete to be poured.  Once the rebar is placed, a mixture called gunite is sprayed onto the rebar to form the pool walls and floor.  Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement.  This mixture is a form of concrete.

Best robotic cleaner for concrete pool

Once the gunite has cured, the walls and floor of the pool will be covered or treated in some way. One common way to smooth over the gunite is to apply a layer of plaster. The plaster will form a smooth cover over the rough gunite, protecting swimmers from scrapes and other injuries. Another method of smoothing over concrete is with tiles.  It is a very traditional style and is found in many public swimming pools.  Sometimes concrete is simply painted.  In this case, the pool needs a thick coating that can be softened on the surface of the coarse gun.

Concrete has some features that affect how you care for a concrete tank.  One of the advantages of concrete is that it is porous.  This means that they are full of tiny pores that can harbor bacteria.  If the pool and its concrete walls are not cleaned regularly, these bacteria can thrive.  Excess bacteria can affect chemical balance and even the visual quality of pool water.  The type of covering laid on the concrete can affect how important this problem is.  For example, a fully tiled concrete pool will have a much less problem with bacteria than glued pond.

Best Robotic Cleaner For Gunite Pool

Best robotic cleaner for concrete pool

·         Polaris F9450

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Polaris F9450 is a surprisingly compact and lightweight robotic cleaner.  It has some great features and is suitable for underground swimming pools up to 50 feet long.  Some users found it suitable for above ground pools.  This appears to depend largely on the stability of the walls.  This can do for permanent pools above ground.  Although it may be safe to search for an automatic pool cleaner specifically designed for above ground pools.

This model has all-wheel drive, so it will climb over the walls and move across and around steps without any hassle.  By taking advantage of the swirl vacuum cleaning technology, Polaris F9450 provides exceptional cleaning without any suction loss.  Filters are large and easy to reach across the top of the machine.  It is ideal for fine and silt filtering. See on Amazon

·         Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC

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Hayward TigerShark was one of the first commercially available automated pool cleaners for the home user.  Although the RC9990GR isn’t one of the best in range models, it’s definitely an impressive little brand-name cleaner with a solid reputation in business.  It is designed for pools approximately 20ft x 40ft.

At an additional cost, Quick Clean Edition has the added advantage of a 90-minute cleaning course that allows you to clean the primary pool when you’re in a hurry to use the pool.  This is half the time of a standard 3-hour cleaning cycle and is the usual maximum course for a robot cleaner of this size.  Of course, for a more comprehensive cleaning, you can always use the regular cleaning cycle.  Then he will check the pool like any of the best robotic pool cleaners and determine the most effective cleaning path to increase its efficiency.  The automatic shutdown function will turn off TigerShark once the cleaning cycle is complete. See on Amazon

·           VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner Suction-Side Vacuum

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VINGLI Cleanser is a great option for absorbing and cleaning sand, hair and debris in the pool instead of tired manual cleaning.  10 sustainable hoses are all highly resistant to scratches and prevent air leaks, and extend to larger swimming pools.

It creates the lowest operating noise.  This is definitely more economical than hiring a cleaning agent.  The machine is able to sweep a whole concrete pool with high-quality, spacious rubber disks.  VINGLI guarantees a worry-free purchase. See on Amazon


Editor’s Recommendation:

Polaris F9450

[amazon box="B00HYZHI86"]
Polaris claims that these filters can handle debris four times more than other cleaners.  Of course, this is debatable because some robotic pool cleaners have better filters than others.  Regardless of this statement, I can safely say that this robotic pool cleaner has filters that can be well compared to the best.  The filter cannister is very easy to clean – all you need is a vibration and a spray of clean water and work is done.


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